(Employee representative) Adela Lieb

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Adela Lieb was born in Satu Mare, Romania.

Adela Lieb holds a degree in business administration from University of Augsburg. She started her career at Deloitte & Touche GmbH in 2002 as accountant in the accounting and taxation division and became senior accountant in 2006. From 2008 to 2013, she worked as chief accountant at RENK Test System GmbH before she became head of accounting and controlling. From 2016 to 2020, she was director of commercial management, finance and controlling at RENK Test System GmbH before she became head of finance department at RENK GmbH. Since 2022 she is head of corporate accounting at RENK. In 2023, she was appointed as member of the Supervisory Board.

  • Other current mandates:
    • None.
  • Previously:
    • None.

Other than listed above, Adela Lieb has not been a member of any administrative, management or supervisory body of any other company or partnership outside the Group within the last five years.