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    In the following, you can find explanations of key terms and abbreviations used on our website.

    Aerospace and Defense in general context; Aviation and Defense in context of Test Systems
    Federal Office of Economics and Export Control in Germany
    Compound annual growth rate
    Capital expenditure
    Chief executive officer
    Chief financial officer
    Continuous improvement
    Chief operating officer
    Depreciation and amortization
    Department of Defense
    Extended period of growth (“Super-Cycle”) in the defense industry expected by industry experts
    Earnings before interest and taxes (operating profit)
    Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
    Environmental, social and governance
    Free cash flow
    Full Time Equivalent
    Foreign exchange
    Fiscal year
    Gross domestic product
    Human resources
    International financial reporting standard(s) adopted by the European Union
    Initial public offering
    Key performance indicators
    Last twelve months
    Mergers and acquisitions
    Marine & Industry
    Maintenance, repair, overhaul
    Includes carbon capture utilization and storage, hydrogen and heat pump applications
    Net income
    Net working capital
    Oil & gas
    Operation and maintenance
    Other comprehensive income
    Original equipment
    Original equipment manufacturer
    Optionally manned fighting vehicle
    Profit and loss statement
    Purchase price allocation
    Quality, health, safety and environment
    Research and development
    RENK America
    Research, development, test and evaluation
    Rest of world
    Supply chain management
    Stockholm International Peace Research Institute